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Photo Imaging Council Award

The 2006/2007 winners of the PIC Award are Kate Wilson and Jaskirt Dhaliwal. Kate has just completed a BA Honours degree in Photography at Nottingham Trent University and Jaskirt is in her final year of a BA Honours in Communication, Culture and Media, Photography and Digital Imaging at Coventry University.

Kate Wilson's project is about the threat to some of the oldest rainforest
in the world which is in Indonesian Borneo, known as Kalimantan, and especially to the habitat of Orang-utans. These incredible animals die as a direct result of slashing and burning of the forests to make space for the plantations. Kate has travelled through the forests to areas which have been destroyed and cut down, and to the areas around the National Park, right up to the border which are covered by mile upon mile of Palm Oil plantations.

Jaskirt Dhaliwal's project is about raising the profile of female footballers. While male footballers are ranked as celebrities in a
commercial and corporate world where media waits for new headlines, the exact opposite is true of female footballers who generally have to pay money to play. Jaskirt has sought to explore the identity of these women and to explore the differences between the male and female games. She is a
reporter for BBC Birmingham online and has made a news feature on female footballer, Chelsea Weston, for BBC Hereford and Worcester local TV.

Financial and Company Assistance for the Project

Kate was awarded 1000 and she was also generously assisted by industry
companies who helped sponsor her. Canon and Intro2020 serviced her cameras free of charge; Sigma supplied a polarising filter; Hama supplied memory cards; and Kodak gave colour and black and white and slide film.

Jaskirt was awarded 700. Noritsu and Palm Labs generously supplied all
the processing and printing for her project.

Posted : 06/12/2006 15:47:03

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