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The range of digital cameras can be quite daunting. From simple pocket sized point and shoot cameras to digital SLR cameras costing thousands of pounds, there's sure to be something to suit your requirements..... and budget!

Many amatuers will start with a "compact" digital camera where you simply point the camera at the subject and shoot the photograph. All of the settings are calculated and set automatically. Many compact cameras will allow you to alter these settings though, allowing your creative side to alter the standard photograph that the camera would take.

The next set up from a "compact" digital camera would be a "prosumer" compact camera. These are generally more feature packed than simple compact cameras, with superior lenses, CCDs and they may allow you to add filters and other accessories to improve your photo taking experience.


Recently, the once professional digital SLR technology has become within reach of to the amatuer with the likes of the Nikon D80 and Canon EOS 450D smashing the £500 price level. Digital SLR cameras open up a whole new world of telephoto lenses, zoom lenses, macro photography and countless settings that can be altered to get the photograph you want.

Finally, there are the fully flegged professional digital SLRs that cost thousands of pounds. These will be beyond many peoples budget and remain the preserve of professional photographers.

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